Wednesday, 14 December 2011

OUGD301 Evaluation

Overall I think this module out of any that I have done so far on the degree is the one that I have learnt the most, not just about graphic design but myself and how I work and what works and doesn't work for me.

Jumped headlong into designing without taking much thought and consideration into planning and structuring 4 briefs that were clear. I think one of the biggest mistakes in this module is jumping straight starting to design for the briefs when I haven't fully clarified what it was I was going to do. This is something that looking back on the module I should have taken are bit more time and consideration into planning as this had a knock on effect on the way that I worked on the briefs.

For a large part of the module especially for briefs 1 and 3 I kept switching ideas and changing my mind on various aspects of the projects. This is especially the case when it comes to how the briefs ended up forming. For brief 3 the design direction of this was the most vague as is why the direction changed 2, which hindered my overall progress with the other briefs, but it also opened up scope for my second brief to which at that point had not been clarified. 

I had originally set out to do briefs 2 and 3 a lot differently than they turned out, not clarifying the audience and content early on meant that this was one of the reasons why I kept swapping ideas and what felt like I was going round in circles. 

The barman was the brief that I proposed to complete a mockup of how the app would work for a developer. I think that this brief is the one that I am most happy about as I had the concept of the brief sorted from the start. Although I had a lull after the initial ideas as I hadn’t come up with a clear target audience and how the app would be applicable to them which then would determine how the app would work in a run through. I am happy with the visuals for the app and extending the range to encompass printed material such as a barman gift set and beer mats/flyers.

Akzidenz is the brief that was formed from changing direction in various briefs, as I had to make a decision to choose another brief. I decided to develop the typeface that I created which spanned from the Wordiverse logotype as I thought it would benefit my practice to investigate how letter forms are made up and what develop from this. The main focus for this brief was developing the typeface, creating 3 different variants with 3 weights. What the brief is lacking is how the typeface was showcased over a range within context, on reflection I could have developed how this would have been applicable. In the end I thought that creating a look book wasn’t

(Strongest aspect of the module was the ideas and development stage)

The language supplement I feel mixed about as I managed to produce a range of deliverables for this project focusing on the stock, print and layout of the supplement. Although this being said this is the one brief that I hadn't got a clear idea of what I wanted to do and jumped straight into designing which in turn ended up me changing direction in the project twice.

The Waitress was the brief that I had the quickest turn around as it was neglected but I am happy with the deliverables. I feel that the type experimentation could have been pushed more looking into other ways in which the type can be manipulated on screen and then potentially applying it to a printed format.

Looking at all four of my main briefs and linking them to my rational I have deserved away from what I actually want to do, this module has made me realise that I want to focus more on working with typography and layout. I feel that I have neglected the finishing process to focus more on the idea and would like to do a short brief or two which allows me to focus on the various printing methods and stocks.

Aims for FMP:

-  Clarify the briefs that I propose to do; this includes initial research and various decisions such as what I want to get out of the brief.
-  Shorter deadlines: I think that shorter turn around for projects and setting interim deadlines will help keep me more focused and organised.
-  Develop a better understanding of production, this will allow me to make more informed decisions in my design direction.
-  Have an even balance between the concept and ideas as well as the production.

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